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Funeral planning doesn't have to be a burden

Compassionate pre-need consultations

Create a personalized memorial service

When you have lost a loved one, making plans for their final resting place is challenging. Let us help make this time less stressful for you and your family with a range of respectful, caring services that help you honor your loved one and remember them in the way they deserve to be remembered.


Let us take the burden of final planning away from your loved ones with a one-on-one consultation. It allows you to plan future arrangements so when the time comes, your family can focus on spending time together, not planning a funeral.

The memorial service you plan for your loved one should be a celebration of their accomplishments and their life experience. Call us for a pre-need consultation and learn about our cremation and flower services to make your planning easier.

Put your plans into place now so that your loved ones are not left with the burden of trying to decide what you

would have wanted.



We offer affordable planning options. Call:


•  Choose the style of memorial

•  Burial or cremation preference

•  Urn or casket choice

•  Clothing choice and items you may wish to have buried

•  Music selections

•  Flower selections

•  Viewing or celebration of life plans

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